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Comedy Rock Kings Psychostick release a new music video

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Psychostick logo

The band recently released their new music video ‘Sadface :(‘, a social media song poking fun at wall whiners and pointless, attention-seeking posts. The track is from their fifth and latest release ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D’

Psychostick guitarist Josh ‘The J’ Key also comments:

“This song declares war on terrible, bitchy, whiney, pointless, attention-seeking posts. If you need someone to listen to your problems, go see a therapist (No… REALLY, stop reading this and go talk to a professional RIGHT NOW).

What I love about this video is the feel. We wanted to feel like you were being yelled at you through the internet to knock that shit off.

Another great thing about this video is how many hidden gems are in it...
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