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SOiL – Whole (2013)

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SOiL - Whole

Fans of old school SOiL will be happy: Ryan McCombs is back! Fans of the Ryan era in Drowning Pool should also be happy because the guy is still rocking and did not take a break! I have to admit I’m a big sucker for the vocal timbre this man has, and the charm he displays in performing those catchy tracks. So how could I have not been excited when in my mail box I found the digital version of the new SOiL record, ‘Whole’, to be released on August 16th?

All pleasantries aside, let’s dig in and see ‘Whole’ has to offer: first thing I would like to talk about are the tracks that talked to me the most: ‘The Hate Song’ which combines humour with attitude (lyrics like ‘my love is so strong I wrote this love song to let you know I hate you’ made me almost laugh), ‘Psychopath’ which has the...

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