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Lady Beast – Lady Beast (2013)

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LADY BEAST Artwork 500

Lady Beast is a band hailing from the US, who just released its first self-titled record on the 1st of June via INFERNÖ Records. The group formed back in 2009 and have previously released a self-titled LP (only for vinyl) record in 2011. After a few line-up changes, the only original remaining members are Deborah Levine (vocals) and Greg Colaizzi (bass).

‘Lady Beast’ looks like a good beginning for a band. It seems that the genre chosen to play is a  combination between heavy metal  and rock’n’roll/hair metal (I spotted influences from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest all the way to Twisted Sister and even a bit of KISS). Listening to this album made me take a walk down memory lane to my childhood when my father was showing me rock bands for the first time...

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