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Nicumo – The End Of Silence (2013)

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Hailing from the land of a thousand lakes, the melodic metal band Nicumo have released their first full-length album ‘The End of Silence’ on the 19th of April. After two EP’s ‘Close Our Eyes for Good’ (2010) and ‘Scars & Glassy Eyes’ (2011), the band decided it was time to take it one step further. And so they did!

The first thing I would like to say about this album is that it has many influences from well-known Finnish bands. So if you are a fan of Sentenced, Entwine and Amorphis, this is something you will enjoy. Another interesting thing is that if you listen to the whole songs there are many instrumental, vocal surprises and twists along the way that really make a difference. It’s like they say..the devil’s in the details...

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