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Noumena – Death Walks With Me (2013)

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I have said this before and I keep on saying it: Finnish metal is one of the best kinds of music out there! Therefore, with melodic death metal being one of Finland’s specialties, I knew that Noumena’s new release (out on April 19th) has to be good. I just did not imagine it to be that good!

As mentioned above, these guys play melodic death metal..with a twist. That twist comes from the female voice -that reminds me of Maxi Nil from Visions of Atlantis- that, in contrast with the rough and brutal range of Antti, makes a great Beauty and the Beast-like effect. I have to admit, it seems like they take very seriously the whole ‘melodic’ term, using it as a backbone for their creations. As songs worth mentioning, there are ‘Handful of Dust’ and ‘Let It Run Red’ which are quite catchy...

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