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Forlorn Chambers – Unborn And Hollow (2013)

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Finland has always been known as the country where ‘good metal comes from’, so when I received the request to do this review by Forlorn Chambers I was quite curious what they have to say. Their debut demo ‘Unborn and Hollow’ was released in January 2013 and it shows an interesting take on death metal, so let’s dig in:

The first song, wearing the name of the demo ‘Unborn and Hollow’ seems like a hybrid between death and black metal elements: you have the brutal guitar riffs, the tremolo picking and the deep growls. However, I believe a more complex melodic line would have helped this song stand out even better. The 2nd track, ‘And we hail the ones who fall’, starts by showering the listener with blast beats and then continues with a quite catchy track including the brief pres...

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