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Drowning Pool – Resilience (2013)

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Drowning Pool have returned with a new album(to be released on the 9th of April) and a new vocalist! After Ryan McCombs decided to go on a separate way and back as a vocalist for SOiL, the band was faced with the decision of looking for a new vocalist and they found Jasen Moreno. Now, I’m going to start with some rather obvious facts for the die-hard fans: Moreno is not McCombs and he is not Williams. His voice does not have that brutal sound in it, he does not do as much screaming as the first two. So from that point of view, the record is more tuned down. However, the new songs introduce some very interesting rock’n’roll catchy anthem-like elements that were not that visible before in their sound. And what Moreno brings is a different atmosphere.

So now that we have cleared up the...

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