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Craig Mabbitt – An Open Mind With A Great Dream (part 1)

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On an almost sunny thursday afternoon, on the 21st of March, I sat down with Craig Mabbitt, the vocalist from Escape The Fate and he shared with me the concepts behind the two new singles ‘Ungrateful’ and ‘You’re Insane’, what his thoughts about the rock scene are, how the band handled tensions in the past, and much more! Curious? Then read further and don’t forget that Part 2 is here (click):

Alexandra: You guys have just released a new video for your single ‘Ungrateful’ promoting the fact that violence is a vicious circle that has taken many lives. Who came up with the idea for the concept, and was the last year’s case of Amanda Todd a trigger for it?

Craig: There wasn’t a certain kid that was a trigger for the video...

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