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Stahlmann – Adamant (2013)

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From the wave of NDH, alongside the well-known Rammstein,Oomph!, ASP and In Extremo comes Stahlmann (‘steel man’ ) with a neat, pure, german industrial sound. Known from their tracks ‘Teufel’, ‘Spring nicht’ and ‘Tanzmaschine’ , they return with renewed strength. The new album ‘Adamant’ is set for release mid-April and the single ‘Süchtig’ is already out containing the first two tracks of the record.

‘Adamant’ is a record that seems to encompass a variety of values promoted by Stahlmann. There can be found the more aggressive yet with an anthem tone, pedal-on-the-metal tracks like ‘Süchtig’ or ‘Die Welt Verbrennt’. There also are the more soft songs- one of which reminds me of Oomph! when it comes to Mart’s voice – called ‘Wenn Der Regen Kommt’ or ‘Le...

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