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Omnium Gatherum – Beyond (2013)

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To have a fair start: This is, for now, the most melodic album Omnium Gatherum ever made. Maybe, if you are a fan of the old times, like the EP ‘Steal this light’, you might dislike it a bit but, even if you are, I tell you, it’s worth a try.

Starting the review, the teaser tracks: ‘New Dynamic’ is a fast song, with really good riffs, a very good ambient (as usually) and, once again, great vocals. ‘The Unknowing’, which ended up being the track of the 1st video of this album, is a unique track. More like a heavy-ballad, this song is just different from all that OG made so far, still, it’s obvious to notice their own way of making Melodic Death printed all over this song...

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