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The Rockford Heroes – Edge Of The Silverthorn (2013)

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Every fan of the genre knows that if you want good quality modern sounding sleaze, glam, rock’n’roll, hair metal bands with influences a la the 80’s you look for Swedish acts like Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx and many many others. However, did you guys know that Sweden is also the land of this band called The Rockford Heroes? No? Well why would you, right? Wrong! You would really want to know about these guys because, these guys, although at their first record, have a sound that makes you feel like right you are living and breathing in the 80’s standing between Skid Row, Scorpions and Rainbow.

‘Edge of the silverthorn’ is, as mentioned, their first album, and it introduces them to the world through 8 tracks infused with AOR keyboards, a voice reminding me of a more to...

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