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Dark Sun Rising – The Storm Within (2012 demo)

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Hailing from the Netherlands, Dark Sun Rising released the demo ‘The Storm Within’ in late 2012 and, with it, they bring uplifting news to the melodic metal community. Although it only contains 3 songs, ‘The Storm Within’ seems to be made with passion and a keen sense for what metal should sound like.

‘Rise’ is the first track, beginning with some soft keyboard sounds before unleashing the aggressive guitar riffs. Strong clean vocals are combined with harsh ones and help create a catchy tune. From the first track I felt a slight vocal resemblance with Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Tarot. ‘2012: The End of the Line’ is a creepier and more harsh tune, more complex than the other two, where one can feel a progressive, old school thrash metal even touch...

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