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Helloween – Straight Out Of Hell (2013)

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Helloween has been around the metal scene for  30 years (celebrating them this year), which means a big discography behind them, a big name and above all, a plenty amount of experience when it comes to how true metal should sound. However, although I am a big fan of them for many years now, I have had a struggle understanding the build-up of this album. It’s just that, to me, it feels a bit odd what they tried to achieve with this new record.

Let me break it down for you guys, especially for those who did not listen to it yet: the record begins with ‘Nabataea’, a killer track screaming Helloween from every pore, very complex, reminding me here and there of Ayreon. 7:02 minutes of almost perfection if I may say so...

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