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Bob Katsionis – True Hellenic Talent

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Known for his guitar and keyboards skills in Firewind, Outloud, Revolution Renaissance and his own solo project, winner of the ‘Best Keyboardist’ Award for the Greek Metal Hammer, Bob Katsionis is a well-known name through the heavy or power metal fan circles. Therefore, I couldn’t be happier that he took a little of his time to tell us about his projects, his new solo album ‘Rest In Keys’ but also about what inspires him and why he decided to teach other people the art of playing music.

Alexandra: Hi Bob! You are the member of bands like Firewind, Outloud and for some time now your solo project. How do you manage to balance the work amount and the time required for each project especially since every band has their own approach on how to do music? 

Bob: I just set some priorit...

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